March 16, 2012

Store Concept

Tamasu Butterfly Europe is the exclusive rights holder governing use and distribution of the Butterfly trademark in the European market as well as in certain markets worldwide in agreement with the holding company Tamasu Butterfly Japan.

To ensure fair and comprehensive selling of Butterfly products, Tamasu Butterfly Europe works closely with its distribution partners, the Butterfly stores. Each store holding its own sole distribution and sales rights for Butterfly products in its appointed geographical area, and selling the full range of Butterfly products. 100% Butterfly, presented to touch, test and try.

Covering its area, each store may assign distribution rights to specialized retailers, ideally 4 to 5 retail stores, offering a large range of Butterfly products.

Players, coaches, clubs and teams displaying a special affinity towards Butterfly support the positive public impact of the Butterfly label with their successes in table tennis.

The Butterfly eShop meanwhile, offering the full range of products is available to all table tennis players and fans, especially to those located in remote areas, 24h a day.

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