The free BUTTERFLY APP – Now available also for ANDROID!

Following the success of the mobile 2012 catalogue, Butterfly has been eager to continue to research and further develop the possibilities of using mobile Apps for table tennis.

With its extensive features, the aim of the Butterfly App is to provide ambitious players and coaches with useful tools to optimise their training programmes as well as raising their standard of play on an ongoing basis.

The result is the new, free Butterfly App, which has come about through collaboration with Butterfly coaches and its sponsored players.

Click here to download our App for free:

Or simply enter the following keyword in the App Store / Google Play Store: butterfly tt

We would like to extend our thanks in particular to:

  • Danny Heister, Head Coach from Bundesliga team Borussia Düsseldorf, record national title winners
  • Richard Prause, former coach of the German Men’s National Team and current Head Coach at the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA)
  • Dirk Wagner, former Head Coach of Bundesliga team Borussia Düsseldorf and current Head Coach at the Werner Schlager Academy (WSA)
  • Michel Blondel, former Head Coach of the French Men’s National Team and current Head Coach at the INSEP centre of excellence in Paris
  • Qiu Jianxin, Head Coach of Bundesliga team TTC Frickenhausen

Similarly to our players:

The App will be updated and further developed regularly. It comprises 3 modules:

Module 1: Exercises
Module 2: Tracker (soon available for Android)
Module 3: Catalogue

On one hand, the “Exercises” Module comprises a total of 65 one on one as well as multiball training exercises, which will assist table tennis professionals in maintaining a high degree of ball control as well as refining their technique. They have been compiled by Danny Heister, Dirk Wagner and Richard Prause and are presented by our sponsored players in a series of video tutorials. On the other hand, animated demos assist in enabling players to learn and assimilate the exact playing sequence of each exercise (soon available for Android as well).

In a further feature, Andrea Todorovic demonstrates essential strength and stretching exercises. Richard Prause: “During both training and competition it is essential that these exercises are carried out regularly by professional table tennis players in order to ensure maximum agility and body tension at all times as well as minimising the risk of injury.”

The “Tracker” Module helps coaches and players to analyse the reasons for losing points during play. Danny Heister: “The numerous parameters in this tool effectively assist in following and understanding, which match situations have led to which errors. This enables every player to concentrate on weaknesses in their game during training. A practical tip: If during competition there is not enough time or there is no coach or training partner available, this module can be ideally implemented in conjunction with a follow up video analysis.”



In the “Catalogue” Module the entire Butterfly product collection is attractively displayed. The links provide easy access to all of the products in our eShop; making online ordering even more efficient.

The Butterfly App is available in English, French and German and will be updated and enhanced on a regular basis.

Should you have any queries or problems our APP Support is available anytime at

We wish you lots of enjoyment and success!

The Butterfly Team