One Earth

The World Championships table: ”The Earth 2012“ carries the expertise and the emotions of the world’s elite.

It is our aim to be one of the best in the world and for that reason we were very pleased to be given recognition of this by remaining the official equipment supplier for the World Championships from 2012 through to 2016.

Consequently, Butterfly will be playing a key role between 25.3 and 1.4.2012 at the World Team Championships 2012 in Dortmund as the “Official Table Sponsor”.

This is a huge challenge with expectations running high. Like the participants themselves, we want to give our very best and our best is called “The Earth”.

This year´s World Championships table isn´t just called “The Earth“, but is literally being supported by a globe. All the action will ultimately be taking place on its surface: namely the skill and determination of the world’s best players. “The Earth” will inspire them to world class performances and will unite them in their pursuit of success.

In the space of just five months, the product designers from our Tokyo headquarters developed the concept and the design of “The Earth”. We believe the results are very impressive. At present only six tables exist in the world, all of which were manufactured in Japan. Four of them will make their first official appearance in Dortmund.

The globe is 60 cm in diameter with four LEDs, emitting a bright and powerful light. In addition, its Perspex mount, made of acrylic resin, ensures that the captivating blue aura of our planet comes shining through.