March 5, 2014

23 titles for Butterfly players at national championships in Europe

20 titles as national champion in 17 tournaments was the score Butterfly Players posted on this successful weekend. Congratulations to the winners!

Veteran Player Christophe Legout achieved the 2nd place in the French national Championships, Adrien Mattenet managed to proceed into the quarterfinals. 27 year old Carole Grundisch became French national champion in the Women’s doubles.

In Wetzlar at the German national Championships, Butterfly Player Shan Xiaona posted a victory in the Women’s singles and – partnering with Kristin Silbereisen – the Women’s doubles, while the 17 year-old talent Nina Mittelham placed third. Superstar Timo Boll became runner-up in the men’s’ singles, placing before Ruwen Filus and Patrick Franziska. Bastian Steger and Lars Hielscher became National Champs in the Men’s doubles, while the Butterfly players Steffen Mengel (alongside Benedikt Duda) and Dominik Scheija (alongside Julian Mohr) placed third.

The list of victories goes on. Congrats to:

Constantin Cioti (Romania)

Dora Madarasz and Janos Jakab (Hungary)

Joanna Drinkhall and Liam Pitchford (England)

Marko Jevtovic (Serbia)

Iveta Vacenovska (1st Place Women’s sinlges and mixed in Czech)

Stefan Fegerl (Austria)

Wang Yang (Slovakia)

Polina Mikhailova (2nd Place) and Alexander Shibaev (Russia, placed before Butterfly players Alexey Liventsov and Grigory Vlasov)

Nathalie Marchetti (1st Place) and Benjamin Rogiers (2nd Place in Belgium)

Li Jiao (Netherlands, her 10th title in Women’s singles)

Li Fen (Sweden, placed before Matilda Ekholm)

Geir Erlandsen (Norway, Men’s singles and doubles)

Petra Petek and Andrej Gacina (Croatia)

Sarah de Nutte (1st Place in Women’s singles placed before Tessy Gonderinger, 1st Place Women’s doubles with Gonderinger – Luxemburg)

Benedek Olah (Finland).

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