July 13, 2015

Aya UMEMURA and QIU Jianxin - Welcome!

We are very excited about officially welcoming and introducing Aya UMEMURA and QIU Jianxin to our Butterfly-Team.

Aya Umemura - Japanese national champion in 2001 and 2002, as well as bronze medal winner at the World Team Championships in 2004, became staff member of Butterfly Europe on July 1st.

Feared for her spinny backhand topspins, as well as powerful forehand topspins, Aya Umemura managed to grab a hold of the winner's trophy twice at the Japanese national Championships in 2001: in the Women's singles as well as women's doubles competition. Also, in 2002, she managed again to win the title in women's singles. Lastly, through 6 WTTC-participations, she was able to gain a lot of international experience. She still thinks fondly about one of those experiences today: Her win during the quarter finals of the 2004 world championships in Doha against ZHANG Yining (CHN). Afterwards, she continued on playing in the italian Topliga as well as the German Bundesliga. During this time, her talent for being a coach as well as a coordinator started to show. As a result, she accompanied and supported many Japanese players during their Europe travels.

Starting from July 1st, 2015, Aya UMEMURA has made the decision to become part of Tamasu Co. Ltd., in order to contribute with her talent to Tamasu Buterfly Europa in Moers, Germany. Her comment:

“Butterfly has been supporting me for fifteen years. During the time, I was able to convince myself of the credibility of this top brand - as a player as well as a trainer. Now, I am even more excited about our joint work. From now on, this is going to be my role, to showcase what I have experienced throughout the years while working for Butterfly. I will support Japanese players when they come to Europe, as well as European players when they go to Japan to the best of my abilities - as such, I will build a bridge between Europe and Japan."


QIU JIANXIN - "Bundesliga" coach and private trainer of Jun Mizutani, joined the Butterfly staff on July 1st.

During the 80s, QIU Jianxin played as an offensive penhold-player for the Chinese National team. Later, he switched to the German Bundesliga and was able to win many European Champions League titles. After ending his career as an active player, QIU stayed in Germany as a coach and chief trainer of the well-recognized TTBL-Team TTC Frickenhausen. Many emerging Japanese talents are traveling from Japan to this training in Germany because QIU belongs to one of those few coaches talented in helping his prospects succeed not only in regards to game techniques, but also in regards to tactical advancements. Above all else, QIU is the private trainer for Jun Mizutani, and became part of the team that constitutes the Butterfly Table Tennis Center (BTTC) in Nuertingen.

QIU Jianxin is part of the Butterfly staff since July 1st, 2015 and he comments his decision as follows:

“Since my time as an active player and my work as a contracted Butterfly coach, I have connected myself with Butterfly and fostered our growing relationship. During all this time, I was not only able to convince myself of the quality of their products, but also of the pleasant human interactions that everyone displays on a day to day basis - players as well as trainers, and - of course - I have also acknowledged their high work ethic. All of this brings me to this high esteem and value that I have associated with the brand that Butterfly represents - and it is the reason for me to have officially decided to become part of the company even after working with them for 25 years.

Nothing will change in my work in regards to the contents of it as well as the goal orientation. I will continue to train contract players of Butterfly and will also act as a mediator between emerging talents and Butterfly. My whole training mentality and system is based on the following thought: ‘A Butterfly-contract makes me stronger. And because I am stronger, I am being offered a Butterfly contract.”

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