May 20, 2014

KANO/HINO - our new textile collection

Usually, one has to get used to a new look. Not so with the fresh new textile collection KANO and HINO. Wearing them is wearing the Butterfly crest at heart.

The new textile KANO series feature a practical micro fibre (Dimple Dry Fit), providing breathability and moisture absorption on the functional side of things.

LADY SHIRT KANO features an especially feminine look with its tapered cut.







They are incredibily lightweight and comfortable to wear, featuring an exciting look with their prominent zipper (KANO shirt and Suit pants) and stylish colouring, available in either red, blue (gents) or a sporty magenta (ladies).











KANO can be combined perfectly with the new leisure jacket HINO. It too feature the proment Butterfly crest, and it too is incredibly comfortable to wear, sporting a new kind of micro fiber.

The Jacket HINO has been designed to combine a certain "Retro" design with a fresh, modern look.

HINO is available in white and dark blue, suited well to both Ladies and Gentlemen.

KANO and HINO are available right now, with the local Butterfly Partner store in your region, or online at:

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