May 13, 2014

Silver medal at World Championships: Congratulations to the German Team!

It has been a great performance of the German National Team at the World Team table tennis Championships in Tokyo, crowned with a silver medal: After 5 victories in the group stage (four times winning 3:0), the team of head coach Jörg Rosskopf marched on through to the final stages of the tournament, meeting the team of Singapore in the round of 16, who just won 3:1 over the Swedish team. That game, too, was a 3:0 victory for Germany, and after beating Japan in a fantastic semi-finals match (3:1), the Germans found themselves in their proclaimed “dream – finals” against the highly favorited team from China.

The match took place in front of 6000 amazed spectators in a fully packed Yoyogi National Gymnasium, and both teams played their best. At first, Timo Boll was able to hold his own against Chinas No.1 Ma Long (who had not lost a game in Tokyo), but in the end lost 3:0. Hope arose for the German Team when Dimitrij Ovtcharov entered the arena and played a sensational match against the world champion and Olympic champion Zhang Jike. Not only did the German play well, he also won the match with 3:0. Unfortunately, his team mate Patrick Franziska (against World No. 1 Xu Xin) and later on he himself (against the flawless Ma Long) was not able to repeat the performance, resulting in the (somewhat anticipated) loss of the overall match to China with 3:1.

Nonetheless, winning the silver medal at the world championships was a fantastic result for the German team, cementing their leading role in European table tennis and confirming their place at the Top 2 in the world.

Congratulations to the team of Jörg Rosskopf: Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Patrick Franziska and Steffen Mengel!

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