Timo Boll Series

Timo Boll Serie

New "TIMO BOLL" Blade Series from BUTTERFLY

Feel His Solid Self-Belief and Fair Play Spirit

At the age of only fifteen in 1996, Timo Boll started his career in Germany’s National Club Championships (Bundesliga), a competition in which the world’s leading players measure their skills against each other. Many top players of the current era employ a topspin counter attacking strategy close to the table. However, Timo Boll did not copy his peers, he innovated. He continuously searched for his own playing style. The result was he created his own trademark offensive topspin play. Starting with a heavy topspin stroke he attacks quickly from either forehand or backhand. His comparatively original style of play soon made him a threat in the table tennis arenas throughout the world.

Furthermore, Timo Boll is widely respected as an athlete who promotes fair play. In 2005 he was awarded the "International Fair Play Prize" donated by the International Fair Play Committee in conjunction with UNESCO.

The reason for the award was his act of fair play at the 2005 Volkswagen 48th World Championships in Shanghai. Of all the athletes in the world the International Fair Play Committee selected Boll from table tennis. Integrity combined with his pleasant personality and outstanding ability in the sport of table tennis make him a favorite wherever he plays.

The new blade series TIMO BOLL, developed by our experts, has involved his close co-operation. The result is a successful product that helps the German star further develop his individual style of play and his instinctive feeling. The BUTTERFLY quality and Timo Boll’s spirit are combined in the blade series. TIMO BOLL blades are full of advanced technical innovation that opens up a new era. Take one blade from the series, place it in your hand and you will know you are holding a reliable product. The instinct of fair play will be there. Just as if you were a Timo Boll.