Different Wood species

  • Limba

    Limba is a hard African wood of light yellow colour. It is rigid and solid. It is mostly used as surface veneer, with a thickness of 0.7/0.8 mm.

  • Abachi

    An African tree, also known as Samba, Wawa, Obeche and Ayous. It is fast-growing, light weight, offers high elasticity and is not very pliable. It is often used as core veneer and sometimes as surface veneer.

  • Koto

    The wood is tight and rather solid. It has a nicely striped, decorative design and therefore is often used as surface veneer (with a thickness of 0.7/0.8 mm).

  • Anegre

    Anegre is a mid hard and solid, a non-elastic wood, being waterproof, it is mostly used as surface veneer. Anegre can be found in two colours basically (yellow and red); the red one can be used as a replacement for fossil tree.

  • Padouk

    The wood is hard and elastic, partly used as surface veneer (dark red colour).

  • Kiso Hinoki®

    A very light, solid type of wood; this particular cypress is used for blade manufacturing only when having 300 years or more in age. It can be found in all types of veneers in table tennis blades.

  • Balsa

    Balsa wood is very light weight and available in different variations. There are several options: very hard and heavy, or soft and light. It is commonly used as core veneer.