Butterfly Functional Clothing

Functional textiles by Butterfly support your body in the absoption and transport of moisture away from the body, while being skin-friendly. The textiles dry quickly and help to prevent hypothermia after exposure to wet clothing. The high quality materials, developed by the Japanese company TORAY is eudermic and provides a durable, and comfortable wear. All textiles are free of toxic material and anti-allergenic. Read below for more information on Butterfly textiles.


American Terry American Terry is mixture between Polyester and cotton, featuring lightness and a soft and comfortable wear. The refined processing reduces environmental stress and makes the material more durable. It’s highly elastic, while firm in form.

Cool Dry Lycra The elastin fiber is extremely flexible and adaptive, providing wrinkle-free and stable fit with increased longevity. Cool Dry Lycra is easy to care, quick-drying, bleach resistant and breathable. It is commonly used in combination with other materials to increase the overall stability and flexibility.

Honeycomb Dry Fit The material resembles Micro Dry Fit in composition with an even softer touch, making Honeycomb one of the most successful micro fiber in sportswear. Its comb-like structure provides better moisture transport and increased durability.

Dimple Dry Fit The high quality, 100% anti allergenic Polyester mixture provides a comfortable and skin-friendly touch. The pronounced flexibility makes Dimple Dry Fit material perfectly suited for Sports and leisure. The material is quick-drying and moisture absorbent.

Micro Dry Fit Mico Dry Fit is developed especially to keep the skin dry during sport. The interwoven twin-components is made from 100% Polyester and consists of two different surface materials. The inner lining absorbs moisture and transports it towards the outer material. The outer material is breathable and flexible, making it easy to wear and soft to touch. Polyester in general is very suitable for sports activities. Its quick-drying, durable and stable in form. It’s also remarkably light, 10.000m of polyester string weighs less than 1 gram. Interesting in particular are polyester mixtures, for example combined with cotton. It unites the advantages of all materials, skin-friendly cotton, flexible elastin and moisture-absorbent polyester.

Bonded Fleece The twin-layered Composition of Polyester stretch with a warming inner fleece lining and a robust and flexible, yet water- and wind proof surface is suited perfectly for cold and windy days outdoors.

New Dobby Coated New Dobby Coated material protects against water and wind. Its structure enables the transfer of body moisture towards the outer layers, keeping the body comfortably dry.

Plain Micro Plain Micro Polyester is a water-resistant, wind proof and lightweight material. The fiber consists of 3 layers: an outer micro fiber, a membrane and an inner mesh lining, protecting the membrane. Butterfly Textiles made from Plain Micro Polyester are comfortable with a fresh, shiny appearance