Richard Prause 04/01/2012

„24:0 – Congratulations to China…“

The “Dortmund Miracle” didn´t come about. Was it really a miracle that Germany needed in order to overthrow China´s table tennis gods at the World Team Championships?

Or would the 1:0 lead, that everyone was hoping for (in the case of Timo Boll beating World Champion Zhang Jike), have sufficed?

Whatever; the performance of the German men´s team at the World Championships was outstanding, really outstanding. Once again they were only stopped by the Chinese Wall.

3:0, that sounds so brutal on paper and if we are honest, the final was further proof of the fact that China simply cannot be beaten by anyone in the world at this moment in time.

In Dortmund, China´s team contested eight matches. Eight victories with a both impressive as well as disheartening game average of 24:0 are the result.

To be honest there isn´t much more to be said: China are top, Germany are second (with a respectable distance behind them) and are then followed by the rest of the world.

The World Championships will now be followed by the Olympic Games and looking ahead to the London Games with the impressions that were left behind in Dortmund, it seems inevitable that the Chinese wall will be difficult to break down. However, we should remain aware of the fact that Germany, not only in the shape of Timo Boll but also Dimirij Ovtcharov, can be on equal terms with China. With regards Patrick Baum, (who has to make way for Bastian Steger in the qualification for London) he is also making amazing progress.

Two years after the surprising defeat at the hands of Singapore in the final in Moscow, China´s women put the world back in order in a repeat of the Women’s Team final.

I would like to say a few words about the organisation of the World Championships. That gold medal definitely goes to Germany. Once again the DTTB has proved to be a fantastic host and organiser. Even if the final outcome didn´t fulfil the anticipations of the host nation, the World Championships were an advertisement for table tennis all around the world.