What are the differences between the TENERGY models?

Which TENERGY is best suited to my game?

These questions are answered in the “all about TENERGY” video, featuring spectacular super slow motions, special effects and the stars of the Butterfl y advisory staff – Jun Mizutani and Timo Boll.

All about Tenergy


The ball trajectory of a topspin shot hit with TENERGY 05 is a pronounced curve, due to heavy spin. This enables a most precise active topspin play. The trajectory of TENERGY 64 is more flat and low in comparison, resulting in a shorter travel distance and higher speed of the ball. The trajectory of TENERGY 80 is exactly in between 05 and 64, as are its playing characteristics.



In the speed ranking, TENERGY 64 with its fl at trajectory ranks the highest, followed by TENERGY 80 and 05.


The most spin is created on a tangential hit with TENERGY 05, followed by TENERGY 80, then 64. The higher the rotation, the more precisely the ball follows the path of the racket.

Tenergy Tempo-Vergleich Tenergy Rotations-Vergleich